How To Enter

To submit contest entries:

  1. Use instructions below to prepare your files according to the file type indicated on the Categories/School Codes Page . Make sure you do not exceed file sizes!
  2. Use the link below to submit each entry using the new version of our online submission system. ONE ENTRY PER SCHOOL PER CATEGORY
  3. Look for confirmation e-mails for each submission.


Please use these instructions to prepare images and designs for submission to the JEMKC contest. If you have questions, please email Michelle Huss at or call 913-239-4886.

Downsizing Photos Using a Website

Navigate to this website

for Compress Image: “75” for Compression Level 0-100

for Resize Photo: “1200” for New Photo Width in Pixels

for Photo to Optimize: “Choose File” from your computer or desktop

Click Optimize Photo

When the optimized photo appears, right-click (or control-click) on the photo and save it to your computer

You will upload that optimized photo for the contest.

Downsizing Photos Using Photoshop

Open your photograph in Photoshop

      • Using the menu at the top, click “Image” –> “Image Size”
        • For resolution, enter “72” with “pixels/inch”
        • For vertical photos, enter a HEIGHT of “11” for “inches”
        • For horizontal photos, enter a WIDTH of “11” for “inches”
        • Click “OK”
      • Using the menu at the top, click “File” –> “Save As”
        • BE SURE TO CHANGE THE FILE NAME: the file name you choose doesn’t matter, but you don’t want to save over your original full resolution image.
        • On the first screen, change the FORMAT to “JPEG”
        • Click “OK”
        • For the screen the says, JPG options . . .
          • Please enter a quality of “10”
          • For “Format Options” click on “Baseline (“Standard”)”
      • You will upload that file for the contest.

Exporting Pages from InDesign for submission

Many different kinds of software exist for designing pages and infographics. For that reason, we will cover the most popular. If you need assistance exporting pages from online design software or other applications, please contact your yearbook company or online tutorials. The exported pages should be saved as a pdf file of 25 MB or less. The design may be black and white or color.

        • Open your page(s) in InDesign.
        • Select “File” –> “Export”
        • On the next screen . . .
          • Choose a file name for your pdf. (You can choose any file name you like.)
          • Select a location where your files will be saved.
          • Be sure to choose “Print PDF” unless the graphic is interactive: in that case, choose “Interactive PDF.”
          • Click “Save”
        • On the next screen . . .
          • Choose “Smallest File Size” (this will ensure that your file is less than 25 MB)
          • Be sure to only select pages that you are submitting for judging.
          • Click “Select”
        • Please upload that file for the contest.